Ned Wombwell Osteopathy

Osteopathy in Woodbridge and East Bergholt

Welcome to our website. Wombwell Osteopathy aims to provide excellent complementary and alternative health care in the Suffolk area, treating all types and ages, from the elderly to the newborn. We aim to treat patients rather than the condition, and the cause rather than the symptom.

Osteopathy uses gentle manipulation and other techniques to help you heal, move and feel better. If you'd like to find out more about how Osteopathy works, the Osteopathy page describes the osteopathic process and how the body responds to treatment.

Sessions cost £45 and last around 40 minutes.

Wombwell Osteopathy operates from two clinics;  Woodbridge and East Bergholt

Whatever your concerns are about your health please feel free to call us on 01394 382866 or email us at to discuss whether Osteopathy could help you. We look forward to hearing from you.



What a great stroke of fortune to happen upon Ned. He takes time to understand your problem and what led to it and then goes straight to the root of the problem. I have had cranial osteopathy before and it is good to feel secure with someone with such confident ability and skill. Thank you Ned for finding me a slot at short notice late on a Friday too! I'm beginning to believe that Osteopathy is not just for long term conditions but for general maintenance too.                                                   Denise, Woodbridge

Now in my mid 60s, I have experienced many chiropractors and osteopaths over the years; Ned’s approach is the gentlest I have known, yet also extremely potent and effective. I’ve been impressed by Ned’s patient, thorough and holistic approach, and appreciate his comprehensive explanations of the current picture he is seeing in my body and what needs to be done. This helps me to feel included and able to co-perate/participate in the treatment process. I had been suffering for a long time. Now, a few months later I am amazed how well my back is behaving. My spine feels restructured, balanced, I’m moving freely and the back is pain free! I’ve been active and done some DIY; I have even  enjoyed lots of gardening, (virtually a thing of the past due to my complaining back), without as much as a twinge. I’ve  also realised that unhealthy, poor seating is no longer a problem; a year ago visits to friends and family frequently resulted in a cranky back. So, great benefits in a relatively short time. What a joy! I’m delighted to have found Ned, and highly recommend him and his treatment approach
 Linda, Former Physiotherapist, Suffolk

Highly recommended - I had a really good experience. Ned not only treated my ganglion and my elbows but also provided advice and explained the source of my problematic hands and arms. Ned has a totally holistic approach and I really value his advice. Probably the best Osteopath I have been to so far.                                                                                                                         Myrto Kalle, London