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HUMAN GIVENS at Albany Villa Clinic

Catherine HeygateComment

Albany Villa Clinic is happy to announce the introduction of two new therapists to the team.

Sue Gray and Steve Peck are both fully qualified Human Givens Practitioners. They explore the 'givens' of human genetic heritage and what humans need in order to be happy and healthy. Human Givens therapy seeks to use a "client's strengths to enable them to get emotional needs met". It is advertised as "drawing from the best of person-centred counselling, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychoeducational approaches, interpersonal therapy, imaginal exposure and hypnotherapy".

Steve described it to me as a tool-box of techniques that can be used in many ways to improve mental and physical health and Iā€™m very excited to be working alongside such talented practitioners.

Ned Wombwell